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Ask Martial, affordable Barca ended MU?

The possibility of Ousmane Dembele to MU in Summer 2020 is entirely possible when the French star is said to have a friendly conversation with compatriot Anthony Martial, the striker is currently on the MU staff.

This season, Ousmane Dembele only played a few times in the Barca shirt, largely due to a serious injury that will not be fully recovered until August this year. In essence, since the arrival of the Camp Nou from Dortmund in 2017, the star born in 1997 cost Barca 105 million euros continuously.
Consult Martial, Ousmane Dembele to MU photos Dembele asked Martial for advice about the future Therefore, Barca seemed to be out of patience with the 22-year-old and accepted to sell Dembele (only 60 million euros) for debt free. MU is one of the teams that are interested in the French player. Recently a source said that Dembele had surveyed compatriot Anthony Martial about MU. Accordingly, Dembele asked about the football environment in the English Premier League, about the style of play used by coach Solskjaer. In case you do not really like the Red Devils, Dembele has another option if you want to go to England to play, that is Arsenal. According to information posted by Marca, Arsenal is ready to spend 60 million euros as expected of Barca. Coach Arteta believes he can revive the 22-year-old.

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